Festivals et évènements - Chambre d'hôtes, Ezpondakoborda - ESPELETTE - FRANCE

Events near Espelette

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Chilli Festival

Essential attraction of the Basque Country, the last weekend of October , besides the tasting and the purchase of fresh peppers, garlands or powders of peppers, this festival is also a true Basque cultural demonstration. Traditional choir and dance performances are organized to party and amaze visitors. Basque pelota parties, bandas parades and other cultural activities are also at the rendezvous.

The Pyrenees Atlantiques Ridge race

The Basque Country Ridge Race in Espelette is a festive and sporting event that has attracted thousands of runners for more than 40 years.It is a race that starts from the village of Espelette, passing in the middle of trails, and the Basque hills.

Guargi Festival

The festival allows to discover every year in July in Espelette, different cultures through children, dances and music of the world. This discovery is done through shows, street entertainment and folk dance. This meeting makes it possible to evolve one's view on the others and to create links as well as to allow the children of the world to know the culture and the Basque Country.

International Festival which welcomes young artists between 9 & 16 years old.

Pottok fair

Last we of January :
The fair at Pottok is the rendezvous for breeders, buyers and lovers of pottok.The pottok is a pony breed living in the mountains of the Basque Country.Its origin is very old.